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Bravo Company USA $324.00
Fulton Armory Handguard, 7", Triangular, Black, Carbine $29.95
Bauer Precision Q Shorty Stock $319.99
Bauer Precision DoubleStar Socom AR-15 Buttstock Gen 4 Aluminum Black A150 $234.99
Bauer Precision Radian AR-15 Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle $-35.75
Fulton Armory Barrel, 20", AR, A2 Govt. Contour, 1x7, Chrome Lined, Threaded, Match Quality, FA by Criterion $299.95
JSE Surplus M&M Firearms Stripped Forged Lower Receiver $99.00
Bauer Precision Zev Technologies Wedge Lock Handguard - 9" $286.99
Bauer Precision Dead Air Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Brake $299.00
Bauer Precision Radian Weapons - Raptor, Charging Handle, Black, Fits Sig MCX $85.45
Bauer Precision Ballistic Advantage 14.5" M4 Profile Barrel $114.99
Bauer Precision Dead Air Muzzle Device Shim Kit $12.00
Bauer Precision Aero Precision M4E1-T Threaded Receiver Set - FDE Cerakote $239.99
Bauer Precision PRI - A2 Butt Stock Kit - FDE $106.00
Bauer Precision CMC Triggers Single Stage Flat Trigger - Gold $235.00
Bauer Precision Noveske Leonidas Barrel AR-15 5.56x45mm 12.5" 1 in 7" Twist .750" Carbine Length Gas Port Low Profile Gas Block Stainless Steel $380.00
Bauer Precision Spikes Tactical AR15 Stripped Lower - Gadsden $107.10
Bauer Precision Ballistic Advantage 12.5" 308 win Barrel $199.50
Bauer Precision Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M $259.99
Bauer Precision Ace Essential Retro Stock - 2 Position $153.99
Bauer Precision Zev AR15 Billet Receiver Set - Ambi $534.95
Bauer Precision Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3M - FDE $279.99
Bauer Precision Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake 3/4X24 $79.00
Bauer Precision FN America 13" Scar 17S Barrel Assembly $1499.00
Bauer Precision Lantac Enhanced BCG Full Auto 5.56 - TiN Coating $305.99
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