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Stripped Upper Receivers

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Firearms 4 Less Odin Works Billet Upper Receiver for AR15 $179.00
Surplus Ammo Yankee Hill Billet Stripped AR15 Upper Receiver *FREE SAA UPK WITH BCM MOD 3 CHARGING HANDLE & FREE USPS SHIPPING* $177.39
JSE Surplus YHM Billet Upper Receiver, Stripped $177.30
Strong-Side Tactical VLTOR MUR-1S Upper Receiver WITHOUT Forward Assist $175.00
JSE Surplus Mega Arms AR-15 Billet Upper with M4 feed ramps Stripped $175.00
Strong-Side Tactical Bootleg Lightweight AR-15 Upper Receiver $175.00
Bauer Precision Bootleg AR15 Upper Receiver $174.95
Bauer Precision Vltor MUR 1S Upper Receiver - Free Shipping $170.00
JSE Surplus Colt M4 Upper Receiver - Black $160.00
Fat Boy Tactical Upper Receiver/BCG/Charging Handle $155.95
Para Bellum Products CMT UPUR-2 Billet Upper - Shell Deflector w/ Dust Cover Port $148.00
Fat Boy Tactical Upper Receiver Builder's Kit $145.95
Eagle Armory AR0052BASY Forged A4 Upper Receiver Assembly $144.99
Strong-Side Tactical V SEVEN M4 Stripped Upper $142.00
Firearms 4 Less Black Rain Spec15 Forged AR15 Upper $140.00
JSE Surplus Mega Arms AR-15 SBU Billet Upper with Side Charging Handle Slot $139.00
Para Bellum Products CMT UPUR-4 Billet Upper - Slick Side w/ Dust Cover Port $138.00
JSE Surplus YHM 7.62x39 Caliber Marked Upper Receiver Assemblies (D/C BY MFG) $137.25
Bauer Precision Noveske M4 Stripped AR15 Upper Receiver $124.99
Surplus Ammo Aero Precision .308 M5 Stripped Flat Top T-Marked Upper Receiver $119.99
Strong-Side Tactical BCM M4 Upper Receiver Assembly (T-Marks-White) $119.00
Bauer Precision Spikes Tactical Upper Receiver - Forged M4 Flat Top (Multi Cal) $114.95
JSE Surplus YHM 300 BLK Caliber Marked Upper Receivers Stripped ( D/C BY MFG) $111.25
JSE Surplus YHM 6.8mm Caliber Marked Upper Receivers Stripped (D/C BY MFG) $111.25
JSE Surplus YHM 7.62x39mm Caliber Marked Upper Receivers Stripped (D/C BY MFG) $111.25
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