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Bravo Company USA Battle Comp BC 51.0 $195.00
Bravo Company USA GEMTECH Blast Jacket Flat Dark Earth $195.00
Bravo Company USA MI HAND STOP - DE $5.95
Bravo Company USA BCM Standard 14.5" Mid Length Barrel, Stripped $239.00
Bravo Company USA BCM Standard 20" Rifle Length Barrel, Stripped $239.00
Bravo Company USA Gas Tube - Pistol Length $15.00
Bravo Company USA Gas Tube - Carbine Length $15.00
Strong-Side Tactical Wilson Combat BILLet AR15 Upper Receiver $290.00
Red Barn Armory Rock River Arms - 2 Stage Match Trigger - AR15 $99.99
Red Barn Armory Franklin Armory - Binary Firing System Trigger - Gen 3 (BFSIII) $429.99
Red Barn Armory Geissele Automatics - High Speed SERVICE RIFLE 2-Stage Trigger $278.99
Red Barn Armory Elftmann (Elf) - 3-Gun Trigger - 2 1/2-4lbs (curved or straight) $269.99
Red Barn Armory Battle Arms Development - Forged AR15 Lower Receiver - 3D Logo & EDM Magwell $199.99
Strong-Side Tactical Brigand Arms Atlas $251.10
E-Arms Spike's Buffer Tube Assembly Rifle $84.95
E-Arms KAC 762qdc Flash Spprssr Kit 5/8"-24 $151.20
E-Arms Sig Srd-762-qd Muzzle Brake 1/2x28 $94.99
E-Arms 2A Ultra-lite Gas Black Titanium .875 $78.99
E-Arms Bad Lw Titanium Gas Block .625 Ti $82.99
E-Arms Spike's Lpk Enhanced 556 Black $134.99
E-Arms BAD Vert Pdw Stock System Black $408.99
E-Arms Aero Precision M5 (.308) Stripped Receiver Set - Anodized Black $218.99
JSE Surplus Stag Arms A3 Flattop Upper Receiver Assembly Left-Handed $110.00
Strong-Side Tactical LMT MARS-L Stripped Lower Receiver $265.00
Strong-Side Tactical KAC Folding Micro Rear Sight (300 Meter) $125.50
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